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No problem, I have about 4 accounts where I upload my art, and I'm still setting one of them up... ^^;

on How my mind deals with stress

Lolz even better!

on Bubblegum Bitch

Awwww yiss. So sorry for the late reply. ^^;

on Grumpy Cat

I'm very sorry for the late reply! It's hard for me to get used to checking new sites haha. Sometimes, I can't go to bed until the problem is solved ffffffff.

on How my mind deals with stress

I do paint them at actual size so they don't lose detail when they're scaled down.

on May Portrait Dump

Thank you for the comment though TuT Sorry- I got caught up in giving credit where credit was due XD I get nervous doing redraws, but they're fun, and take a lot of pressure off me Smile

on Jojo redraw- Battle Tendancy

Oh- I can't take credit for the composition- it's a redraw of a comic page. Attached is the original page (I think it use to have colour before it was scanned). I think though that my art has been getting better- I've had a lot of stresses in my life, and not sleeping, and since moving out of my old flat I've really healed a lot, and my art has improved a lot from getting more hours of sleep a night Smile I've still got a way to go to get my confidence back, but I'm taking steps there Smile Not gonna lie though, it's been very hard. 2014 was 95% sketches. I could count my finished art on 2 hands. I turned it over like a machine, and there is stuff there that is worth developing further when I'm confident enough Smile

on Jojo redraw- Battle Tendancy

Your art is so amazing Arkillian! You've gotten so much better. Nice composition on this page.

on Jojo redraw- Battle Tendancy

yeah the image is a little small. what kind of adventures does he go on?

on Willy

I've never really thought of pairing these two. Is this a popular pairing?

on Link x Agitha 2



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