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You captured the feel of that scene well. I always love when the two have their little moments of not having to play their roles. I want to watch it again so bad.

on Winter Gift

That's really cute. Big Smile

on I can't say why...

This is gorgeous I wish I had a better understanding on how to draw hair. Smile

on Girl laying down

lol, thanks. XD I'm rather pleased with how she came out.

on Derpy the Jolteon

Yay derpy! <3 I like how the tongue is hanging out. nice touch.

on Derpy the Jolteon

Thanks, I loved making the color pallet for his design^^

on OC Carter Bastien chibi

Hehe, thanks~ Just takes a bit of practice ^^

on Sasha Braus chibi

Thankie. Big Smile Her hair did take a couple different tries. XD It's so puffy!

on Pinkie Pie the Espeon

Thanks, admin. Smile Wow, I've never directly talked to an admin of any site before. Can I just say I love the interface? It's really user-friendly. Keep up the good work! Big Smile

on Blonde Vamp

A little bit of both. I'm actually using a painting technique where you shade everything in black and white and then apply color layers on top. And then if you want to just saturate certain areas more, you just keep applying more layers on top. But you only want certain areas with that layer effect, so they're just brushed in on that layer rather than filled in. I'm using Krita though, so I get a lot of choices with layer effects.

on Robomance



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