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  • Angelus-Mortis winner of the Mashup contest
  • Animeiac winner of Heart to Heart 2010 contest
  • Dahdtoudi october 2009 winner
  • insomniac september 2009 winner


Totally Smile Cause I'm using the right materials, and stuff is workign better, I'm not starting to discover things I could do better. I got an Olive colour a week ago, and I'm not mixing better skin tones for my character (he's meant to be olive- not pink), and I think with a bit of practice, I'll train my eye on how to mix the colours right. I want to sort that out before I go too far into techniques.

on Romancing the rose

Good- I am content then TuT

on Little Treasure

Congratulations you two TuT <3

on FMA: Engagement

Sweet wee mouse TuT

on Reep

I love how graceful your lines are ^^

on Elf Twins

Tim Curry was absolutely the highlight of this movie <3 This make up was so extra- I love it <3


I'm surprised a dragon would get cold. Does this one not breathe fire?

on A Morning Haul

The dreads look super cool in this style Big Smile

on Chipp w/Dreads Commission

Thank you. Smile

on Hearthead's Valentine Gift

Yes! she is a well protected small child <3

on Little Treasure

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