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I agree with certain pieces that black and white is far better, unfortunately many want the flashy colors. Wink

on Rooftop - Lineart

And it shows - the love, like all of your work! Smile

on Daydream

I can't wait to see more Kurt! And I'm much the same way -- I prefer black and white and grey to colours. To me, it's more participatory for the audience, so that they can sort of take a step to define the colours they're (not) seeing and meet me halfway. Smile

on Rooftop - Lineart

Thanks so much. I really put a lot of love into this piece. I really hope it will bring a kind of peaceful reverie. Smile

on Daydream

This is quite beautiful! I love the pose and the composition. Such lovely soft colors! Does give it a "dream" feel! Excellent work! Smile

on Daydream

Thank you! I have been having a blast with just penciling lately and not worrying about colors so much. And I'm glad you love Kurt too because I draw a lot of him, haha. Smile

on Rooftop - Lineart

How wonderful! Great job, lovely pencil work! I love Kurt <3

on Rooftop - Lineart

Yeah, I only use SAI for lines. I refuse to colour in it, that's what PS is for. This was done all in PS though, that's why I hate the line work on it. All wonky and shit. And I love the freckles too. Thankies. ^^

on Practice

Verrrah tasty! I especially like how you've done his hands.

on Wanna play with me (soft vers)

Sorry- line smoothing I meant- gets rid of bumps if you want

on Practice



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