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  • Angelus-Mortis winner of the Mashup contest
  • Animeiac winner of Heart to Heart 2010 contest
  • Dahdtoudi october 2009 winner
  • insomniac september 2009 winner

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on 100 -"Idiot"-Sticks & Stones

I like how the hearts came out, the unsmooth sides work better with the design aspects of the characters. Their hair came out great, you depicted Ronbel's character nicely~

on Tender Kiss

Hi Schen, nice to meet you! It's lovely that you're coming back here, you have a cute style Smile You have a lovely sona too, her figure came out well and those feather earrings are a lovely touch.

on Shy hyena

The texturing of the feathers is great, lovely peafowl Smile

on adv11

A shame about the lighting, this one is beautiful. The aura about them is wonderful!

on adv10

I like how you handled the scales, it adds lovely texture to her tail, especially in contrast with her skin Smile I like the limited use of color as well, it makes the blue appear even richer.

on Another Tidepool Girl

That's cool of them, great way to make a place different.

on 07

AHH Thank you so much for the comments!! I'm glad you like this piece, I worked really hard on it since it's the first time I've used poster paint!

on Holy Death

Thank you so much!! I'm still getting used to watercolors so I'm glad this looks good!

on The Phantom Fox

That's intense! Very strong focal point, spiky halo looks half like a sunburst and half like a ragged knife-edge, and the crackling colors inside its eyeballs are *effectively eerie.*

on Holy Death

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