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  • Angelus-Mortis winner of the Mashup contest
  • Animeiac winner of Heart to Heart 2010 contest
  • Dahdtoudi october 2009 winner
  • insomniac september 2009 winner

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Oh I love how you made the skin transparent with stars through it. that's really neat!

on Kitty

Oh so cute. I love the girl. She has awesome hair

on What a Bro

Oh this is so cute. I love the pose. It looks real.

on Foxicorn

Oh what videos did you use for learning anatomy? Nice job on the anatomy. Those must have been good videos.

on The Hulk

Oh the sword has SPARKLES! Innocent Nice details on the clothing. That must have taken forever to draw. How many hours did it take you?

on Viviona 2017

Oh nice detail. The colors in the beak especially are nice.

on Penciled Eagle

oh my god. Why am i watching this right before bed? That was super scary. Nicely done! The lighting is really well done. Did you use something different than your usual clay for the rake?

on The Rake

Super neat. It's nice that you took the time to draw a background. The stones on the ground came out really well. I also like the shimmer on the wings and skin.

on Shyest of Smiles

I like how you went about putting the flag on the bird, it doesn't feel plastered on, but it still retains that feeling of seperatness from the feathers.

on Penciled Eagle

This is very interesting, I like how the top one has a lot of contrasts and cross-hatching, but the bottom one is smooth, which helps with the radiance of those gold colors. Hufflepuff is such an underrated house.

on For the Badgers