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Lol, maybe. I've not actually drawn in a bit. It's been at least a month. I go through fazes, I guess.

on Flower Crown

Lol- having a domination over someone usually makes something erotic Smile She does give off a very mysterious vibe with that pose though TuT

on Xanadu Triumphant

You say that, but you will always come back for more if the results were worth it Smile

on Flower Crown

Haha, thanks. Big Smile He's a big nerd though. :U

on Bubblegum Bitch

Thank you. ^^ NGL, that hair was a bitch. Never again, I don't think. The brush was pretty, though. Ehehehe. :3

on Flower Crown

Thank you. ^^

on Flower Crown

It IS fabulous! Big Smile I love his expression.

on Flower Crown

Awe- Tardar Sauce looks like she's 120% done with everyone TuT

on Grumpy Cat

His design is neat hehe. And he does indeed look good in that jacket. xP

on Bubblegum Bitch

Thank you very much! I'm so grateful for your kind words. I really loved the idea from the first sketch I did, and so I wanted to go back and do it better than just a sketch...though this is still basically a sketch anyway. It somehow turned out erotic XD

on Xanadu Triumphant



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