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  • Angelus-Mortis winner of the Mashup contest
  • Animeiac winner of Heart to Heart 2010 contest
  • Dahdtoudi october 2009 winner
  • insomniac september 2009 winner


Hahah absolutely true!! I can confirm 🤣🤣🤣

on Morwen and Nienor

Thank you! 😊😊

on Kili and Tauriel... again

Oh, ok. Good paper and partial digital coloring both sound like advantages. Still, kudos. Smile


Hooray for leveling up!

on Summertime love

It kind be quite a feeling reworking an old idea. Smile

on Enraptured WIP2

Oh, thank you! ^_^

on Gandalf Greyhame

Chaotic neutral Smile Cats can be loving and caring, but if they've got a chip on their shoulder about something they'll make it known XD Biting or no biting Wink

on Morwen and Nienor

If it was in theme with the picture, then smashing pumpkins. If it was canon, Kyle likes nine inch nails Big Smile either works for me Wink thank you!

on Stereo Hearts- Kyle Rayner

80% of it is the paper tbh. I tried dip pens on cartridge and it bleeds everywhere. My multiliners are ok on cartridge buy dip pens bleed way too much. Currently I'm using zeta paper to practice on. I'll eventually move to Bristol when I'm confident as zeta is super thin and has a watermark, but the zeta is a super smooth and easy paper that holds ink in place strong. After that, it's the nib and it's characteristics, ink, and technique. It helps I use zeta with the dip pens. I think if I use multiliners with it then my non dip pen art would improve too XD The colour that isn't the line art is digital, but the library's are all ink. Sorry if that's confusing ^^;


Thank you Smile I've been working on my colour a lot over the last few years. Im happy that my deafult colour standard has improved dramatically TuT

on Summertime love