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That is pretty awesome. Nice job on the shading and the dragon is cute!

on Dragon-Charm


on The Night

Sorry it's been a while since I got this T.T I've been super buried T.T One of my friends suggested that making the arms from a strong square shape would be a good choice. I'm not sure how it'll look but I'm going to try that out. I've tried extending the arm and I can't get it to work out right T.T Thank you for your thoughts TuT I'll see how both options look soon Smile

on Diamond is Unbreakable Lineart

Life decided to kick me in the balls, so I've just now sorta started getting things started again. XT

on Zombie

For portraits I use an overhead projector for the first few minutes to get all the demarcations correct. The piece at that stage looks like a "connect the dots" type of thing. Then I tack it up to my easel or on my drawing board, with the reference shot stuck up to the left, and spend the next few hours lazily putting in the shading. This was simple because I have so many pictures of my friend's granddaughter for sours materiel...I decided on pastels and did not "bear down" on them to create a very soft look. Most importanly though, I'M GLAD YOU LIKED IT Big Smile


Charming little portrait. I love the expression and hair texture, and getting things spot-on on a baby's face-shape isn't easy.


You're welcome Wink

on Watcher of his Heart

Thank you! Smile

on Watcher of his Heart

Neat. Big Smile

on Watcher of his Heart

That's a good way to put it. xD

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