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  • insomniac september 2009 winner

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Thank you! Granted, I am pushing more to digitally coloring printed linearts because the lines are fading out. I'll have to see if the printer toner is causing this.

on Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina

Yes he dose. The pocket is big enough to hold hold a paper back book.

on Shadow Heartless Backpack Bag

Aw so cute. As far as coloring goes try to squint at it and see if the characters or focal point pop the way you want. It might work a little better if the sky was really dark so the character can pop but not sure.

on Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina

Cool. Does it hold stuff?

on Shadow Heartless Backpack Bag

Thank you. Smile

on It Takes Two

Thank you. I had fun making him.

on Shadow Heartless Backpack Bag

thank you, i have a senpai very strict when i do it with anime shadding xd

on Wanna play with me (soft vers)

Thank you! I really liked the design of Minwu and how he came out in the picture. I can't help but wonder myself if someone attached to Sailormoon didn't play FF2 and wanted to do something as a nod to Minwu, or if it just happened that way.

on Minwu, the White Wizard

Adorable! So cool to see someone posting artisan crafts on here!

on Shadow Heartless Backpack Bag

i like tigers :3

on Valentine Tigers



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