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I actually made a video of it for CSP with a few other tricks. Can you share this instead?

on Let's Make Some Music

Thank you. Smile

on Blossom Blizzard

Thanks! Smile

on Blossom Blizzard

This makes me think of a festival, something based around some old ritual but jubilant and lively.

on Blossom Blizzard

Oh, that is interesting. Glazes are lovely the different glazes react. If you feel like making a piece of pottery for general use, I recommend trying out glazing it yourself. It's fascinating to see how the glazes transform and interact with one another after the firing.

on pasta bowl (finished)

oooh pretty Big Smile

on Blossom Blizzard

Yay Mike I'm so glad you finally posted some art. I hope you create more art soon. You did a great job with this. I like how the black lines came out. I also like the white belly for Yoshi. He's super cute. Heart Heart Heart

on Yoshi Dinner Plate

I didn't do the final glaze part. Petroglyph fires and glazes it for you. So I did the drawing/painting on the bowl. For the clouds I used "vanilla" colored paint with a thin tip at the end so i could draw in the lines. it also makes it very thick so it creates a texture.

on pasta bowl (finished)

The clouds came out really well, what glazes did you use?

on pasta bowl (finished)

This is a beautiful, her anatomy is great. The freckles down her sides are really cute, I like how they are almost like strips of speckles- I'm a sucker for freckles and patterns, so since this is like a little of both and I love it Smile Also, the feet came out great! The garden behind her is very detailed, the leaves climbing up the wall and curling around the windows are intricate and lovely, and I enjoy how the flowers poke out sporadically. They have a well tended and beautiful garden! I can relate to what you mean about the artistic nudity, I was raised in a strongly christian home that is not supportive of female body positivity, so I still get that anxious feel when I draw humanoid characters nude. I'm glad that the moderators have it so this doesn't need a filter, it ditches the feel that the body is something to be hidden/ashamed of that a lot of sites, like DA, give. Thank you for putting this up, it's a very beautiful piece!

on Rowena

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