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  • Angelus-Mortis winner of the Mashup contest
  • Animeiac winner of Heart to Heart 2010 contest
  • Dahdtoudi october 2009 winner
  • insomniac september 2009 winner

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You should really also give credit to the original artist. That position seems very, very familiar to me. Although, I would understand if you are a Vampire Academy fan. But still, they deserve credit too. Great job though.

on Commission: Jareth x Sarah

Cheers Smile Manga studio is really nice to use and makes the inking for delicate areas like the face really nice TuT

on Ballroom encounters WIP1

Thank you TuT I really wish that these two could've teamed up in the 90s. They were in the same comic like... twice, and I think that I could count the sentences they've exchanged on one hand. It's really sad T.T It's a team up a lot of Kyle fans wanted Sad Oh well...

on Nightlight

Sorry for the extremely late reply - thanks so much

on Death's Dog

Yep, I imagine he stepped on it...

on Illst - Viper

Thank you so much! Smile

on Cherry Cola

I love the focus on all the different reds and pinks. This is a really appealing piece. Great work! I think keeping the palette so focussed really catches the eye so beautifully.

on Cherry Cola

Looks awesome! Great expressions.

on Ballroom encounters WIP1

So cute ^.^

on Nightlight

You hate emos? Why? What has an emo don't to you that anyone from any other subculture couldn't do to you? I'd rather be emo than xenophobic.

on Emo Killer 3069



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