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I like to think that they are looking into their future as a bit of an odd family and Oki (the cat) fears what may come because he has been thrown away many times, Obsidian (the dog) is watchful and waiting and Zeresh is protective over all of her belongings and everything around her.

on Zeresh the Odd

Yeah, they all show up Tongue They were slightly different every now and then so I figured it was doing something funny. Weird :S

on Jianre 2015

No worries!

on Jianre 2015


on Jianre 2015

They show up? 'cause it tells me to download some weird file whenever I hit 'post comment' and seems to never finish posting. :\

on Jianre 2015

Oh, you don't see them? I just got 10+ notifications in my inbox with the same reply. I expanded replies here and it showed them all too. No clue what's going on with the site comments x__x

on Jianre 2015

so many?

on Jianre 2015

Oooh, I love the legitimate "swampy" feel Big Smile

on Guardian Of The Swamp

Stahp! O_O So many inbox messages xD

on Jianre 2015

Thank you so much! it was a fun challenge!

on Jianre 2015



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