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This is part of a double painting, the other being Snow White. It's loosely based on the Grimm fairy tale 'Snow White and Rose Red'.

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This is beautiful! I love her hair and clothing, the folds of her dress are well drawn. Smile The shrubbery is nice as well, I also like how you made the walls look like rock. Smile


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I like your colors in this piece. The gown's very pretty. The composition's nice too with the marble making her stand out. Nice work.

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It does feel like early Renessanse, or rather like a midieval tale. Yes For some reason I love it even more.XD I love her movement and the dress, and the bright colors. Heart Definitely a fav! Smile

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I love the dress and the hair. Something about it's got an...early Renaissance feel to it. Very Happy Very nice.

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my favorite part is the dress and the rose bush. This is very pretty!

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