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Galleries: Fantasy Finished Work General Gothic Original Art

Tags: wings


Completed: Jul 2, 2007

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Done! LOL

Sad thing is this image really shouldn't have taken me so long to post. This my dear friends, is what we call LAZY! All together the hours would add up to about 7 or 8.

I am mainly proud of his face LOL so please take a closer look -->

This is the main hero - yet again ^_^

This is the age he is introduced in the series - 23 years old. Of course he's just a slut that drinks and smokes not to mention sarcastic with a foul mouth - and has yet to realize the profound role he will later play in his years!

The blood stained wings in the back is a major metephor to this, heh heh XD

Anyway - hope ya'll enjoy! Hopefully more colored pictures to come!

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I like the wings best out of all! ^-^ Well drawn. Wink


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Oh man! Oh yeah, it's really finish. This piece is The wall look very real, very cement like! You have the power of colours, light and shadow in you Wink Truly great work here. The pose, the expression...darn you good! A fav!

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Oh-the high res of this is totally awesom hon. He's got a beautiful face ^^

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MMM so lazy lazy bum! But I do love the whole image especially the wings..and *cough his face and the sexy meatyness.. *drags the hero...No hero for the world today. :B

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WOW! I like the face as well... the wings are hot too lol

"Life's all about taking risks... but it's the fear that stops us from living."    - ^_^

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...dude...this like...ROCKS!! seriously this is so awesome. I don't even know what to write it's cool lol. But yeah Amazing coloring and yup his face is very well done and those wings are wicked cool. Thumbs Up

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