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Well, despite how utterly busy I've been I just knew I has to do something for Trunks month at the salon. So I settled for a good old father son bonding scene (inspired by a certain “Trunks and Daddy? thread). This just has to be one of my favorite periods during their relationship. Ah, what fun adventurous times...

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aww x} Im so happy to see someone actually doing a father son bonding moment with them. This is truly sweet, I love how hes looking at him.

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GREAT! The art is excellent, and I love the concept of Vegeta being a father instead of being homosexual.

The greatest story ever written.




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I...LOVE this picture so much! I love how you draw the characters from this show...quite awesome.

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funny and well made idea once more is displayed on my computer screen!!
this gotto be one of the best vegeta and trunks piccus



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What did he find?!?!? I need to know! Bounce
I really like this "slice of life" picture. Great idea!

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Laughing How cute Big Smile I wonder what Trunks found.

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holy shit I've never seen this, this is friggin sweet!

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I love the fact that we can just see the top of the child's head. lol. That in itself makes the piece as wonderful as it is.

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This is sooooooooo awesome! Make more, please!? ^_^
I'm faving it!

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awwwwwwwwww........Its so cute! I love the expression on Veggie-kuns face..........hee hee.....I just hope he doesnt cut himself shaving!

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