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Goku works with Brolly in hopes to get the Legendary Super Saiyajin's temper under control.  Eventhough he loves Goku, Brolly still has his out bursts...and if the right buttons are pushed, he still gets angry.

Since he's lived most of his life obviously unstable, it's harder than Goku originally thought it would be to get him under control.

Brolly has a bad tantrum and, without wanting to, beats up Goku. >>; Feeling guilty, he goes into the kitchen, where Goku is, and pretends to be -just- getting himself something to eat - suprised when Goku speaks to him.

...o_o; yeah, I dont know WHERE I'm getting any of this from.  I actually have a really suspence/romantic/angsty/adventure Vegeta/BrollyxGoku story/doujinshi idea.>>;;; who knows if I'll ever get to it. 

Anyway!  Yeah.  I really love how Goku came out here.  That look on his face just brings out such a fangirl sigh from me. =P

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Very nice drawn, als always. I like Gokus expression and Brolly in the corner.

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