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Tags: demon, blue, bishonen


Completed: Jun 5, 2005

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Nanashi and his demon form looming in the background. I worked for freaking hours on this picture. My hand is numb and I'm dying. I kinda wanted to do some sort of lighting crap to it but it would have maimed a lot of detail... so yeah... here it is... he's cute and all shall love him...

I don't know... I like this... atleast Nanashi... I've never CGed a demon before so yeah... I am still not sure if i like it or not... Nanashi's bandages look cool though!! -_-

Gawd he's hawt. He's my only virgin too... damn him.

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Oh the joy x3; Another artist I recognize.

Gods he's hot x3; And blue. As always x3 I love your work. I just wish I could still see it on y-gal xp just a... few more months x3 lol

anyway awesome ^__^ I wish I could think up characters like that!

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that's freaking sweat

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I love this picture! Especially the demon's eyes! Theyre so cool. Keep up the good work! Favorite

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I've got to be the worst person on the planet to give constructive criticism, so I hope you'll settle for mindless praise. Laughing You deserve it, too. Your work is very beautiful! Keep it up!

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I was just strolling through the art galleries and I found this. Let me tell ya... it's awesome! Your hard work has paid off. That demon in the background is incredible!

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ooh! he's lovely! and that thing behind him looks great! awesome color job too!

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Oh yes forgot one little thing...He is a very cute!! I love it Smile


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This is awesome! I love how you drew it out, and just the many colors of blue nicely done!! Smile


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it is very interesting and i like the way that u draw it is very vell done and the work men ship put into it can tell it. looking forward to more

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Welcome to the BogusRed and let me just say this but I love this pic!!! Big Smile That demon form is so malicious that you gotta love it!! Laughing Anyway great pic with lots of detail. Worship

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