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Completed: May 12, 2005

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This is a Tulip I found in my yard a little bit ago that was falling apart. There's nothing left of the poor thing now. *tear* *sigh* I luv flowers... lol ^_^ Angel

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Such a relaxing piece, it is just gorgeous.

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Thank you! Out of all the flowers in my garden, I chose this one because it was different. Everything else was just the same old Tulip. ^_^ Thank you very much for the comment and very very much for noticing I picked the odd one from the bunch!! ^_^ Angel

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Beautiful rendering. It's interesting the stage of life that you have chosen to partray this flower at. Not something we see very often, at least, and I like that.

Just think - you've immortalised it! Smile

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This is absoultely gorgeous. The flowers look beautiful. The colors you chose are great. Good job.

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How gorgeous is this, I ask you? My faborite part is the bright colors that you have used at the bulb or stem, or base of the tulip. Whatever that part is. *laughs* The yellow really draws your eye toit and makes it pop out. Great work.

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This makes me feel at home.

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This is so lovely!! What did you use to color it? ^_^

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