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Completed: May 5, 2004

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This is a drawing I did of Elizabeth Taylor using a picture I found of her on the internet for refrence. She's a crazy old mental patient now, but back then she sure was beautiful. Done in pencil and maybe a little charcoal (I can't remember!) on plain white paper.

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This is beautiful, EBS! Nice job!

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HoleyMoley this is very very good. Y ou deffinetly have to give me tips. You are so good. Keep it up oh good one. LOL ok well keep it up.

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Damn i could tell it was her without you saying, this is really good! and yeah, she was really hot back in the day, but now she's a scary witch, and Michael Jackson's friend how lame ass can you get

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Now this is what I call art! It's absolutely beautiful and I can't help but stare in awe at the wonderful shading. You've realy outdone yourself here EBS and I hope to see more work of this caliber.

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^^ She is a bit of a fanaticical person, isn't she? ^^ You have some beutiful contrasts in this. A suggestion with portaits and dark hair I've found- if you give wispy bits of hair, even thought the camera doesn't pic it up, it makes the subject less cut out looking. Nothing heavy- light wispy lines in the direction the hair is going. Don't join it to the rest of the hair though.

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This is indeed beautiful. You did a very good job on her, especially on the shading.

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*claps* WOW! This looks really wonderful! I can't draw real people to save my life. I just suck at it. X_X

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