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Galleries: Finished Work InuYasha Romance

Tags: inuyasha, kagome, inu yasha, spring


Completed: Mar 1, 2007

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Well folks, here you have the lovely peice that was one of the many fan arts Deviant Art had removed because of "underage nudity"

:3 The panties still live! *evil laugh*

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I really love Inuyasha's "deer in the headlights look" and her expression is wonderful too.

This got deleted from dA because of a panty shot?! That's ridiculous! I've seen worse than this on dA!


Cute, cuddly, completely psychotic. Any questions?

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This piece has been nominated at the Feudal Association!

The Feudal Association is a group that presents awards to fanfiction and fanart in the InuYasha Fandom several times a year.

Our official website can be found here -

The current nominations pages are here:
Check these out to find out what you were nominated for!

And our Yahoo Group, where the nominations and voting occurs can be found here -

Voting is open October 17, 2007 - November 1, 2007.

Congratulations and feel free to join and/or help us spread the word about our group!

Winners will be notified by me after November 1st.

~ The Daimyo
Owner of the Feudal Association

Note: If you get this notification more than once, it means you have been nominated for more than 1 award.

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dA is a buch of pompous brats who have forgotton what art is about. It's their loss. Welcome to PD.

deviantART: www.inuyashasesshoumaru.deviantart.com

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 p.s. My Red Curtain stuff is better.  ;o)

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Very cute!!*hugs* Love ti love it love it.The pose is great!^^

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HOMGKIDDIEPORN!!!! ROFL Did this really get deleted for that? WOW. dA's harsher than I realized. I'm glad I don't go there. Laughing

I actually didn't plan to leave a comment (mostly because of my lack of interest in Inuyasha fanart) but I noticed something really interesting that I thought you should know...

Your icon blinks. xD

And now that you've been enlightened, I'll go.

Ooh, but this is pretty cute. Long live PANTY SHOTS!

Pacman . . . . . . . . . . Blinky

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Well regardless of what DA thinks, I like this piece. Inuyasha's "deer in the headlight" look is priceless!

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the panties liiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!!!!!YAT!!

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I know how it feels. Sad I also got two of my pics deleted because of underage nudity!
Anyways, this is really cute and pretty! Heart *faves*

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OMFG.. YES DA is screwing around.. and yes.. I've noticed that the site has been rather Quiet :o
Love this "cannot age anime character" WTF ROFL What ever!!
I looooove Heart your art work Smile

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I think this one's cute ^.^
My goodness. So many people getting hammered over there.
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