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Completed: Dec 12, 2006

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I've been around soooo much Final Fantasy this past month, and years really . That I had this tiny little thought, what would Inu look like in there world? Could be any of the worlds really. I love how I did his face, im in love, lol.

Quicky in photoshop 7

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WOW !! He looks soooo tough and sexy!! Would soo let that dog lick me, yummmm Thank you for the visual..

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@w@;; **woof**

I wanted to rule the world once, but I was distracted by something sparkly.

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Oooh, very nice!

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he looks so girly but i like it.

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Very nice. Hmmmm Inuyasha versus Sephiroth.................hey it could happen!

"Women who behave rarely make history" Pirate Captain

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Laughing I must be the first to think this is funny! How weird! "HOMGHESSOKYOOT!" was FAR from the first thing I thought. Maybe it's because I'm not a big fan of Inuyasha. What? But I thought this was hilarious. Smile And nicely composed. Well done.

Pacman . . . . . . . . . . Blinky

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OMG OMG OMG! I love the new outfit! I bet kagome would like it to, it has an air to mortal kombat something, (dont mind me im just saying its cute!) He looks so bishou! KAWAIIII!!! *squeal* Do you have more?

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Pretty! He really looks like he could hold his own with Tidus or Cloud. Kinda neat to see him wearing footwear.

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