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I love blue.  Blue blue blue!  How much more blue could this mask get?  None more blue.

Just a note: I don't use any stamps or molds or forms when I sculpt leather.  This is all done by hand.

Original leather mask, painted with Liquitex acrylics.

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your masks are really wonderful, love the design, the details, the colours, the twirling shapes... =D
this, medusas and that ocean-dragon crafts are my favourite ones probably. ^^
keep up =3

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Stunning! I love blue too.

I want to make the world a more magical place, one unicorn or dragon at a time Smile

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Ooooo, very nicely done! I love dragons, and I love masks, and this is just plain awesome. I love the scales, and the sapphire (sp?) blue.

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That's just gorgeous. I love the curls that make the horns and the overall delicate details. Beautiful

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Wow this is amazing! Theres so much detail. Its so lovely! How big is it?


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Awe- that's so pretty. I love it ^^ You make them for people or fun? ^^

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