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Tags: fairy, watercolor


Completed: Sep 1, 2004

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Here's another watercolor I did a few years back.  Can you tell I'm a huge Brian Froud fan?  I love his style.


The original is tiny...only 5 X 3 inches.  I have no idea why I did it so small.  It started as a doodle really & gradually turned into a teeny fairy painting.

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This is an awesome work.

With delicate and simple strokes you gave form to a beautiful fairy, and formed woods behind her.

It´s not easy to depict so well a background with this kind of techinque.

Here´s the test to find wether your mission on art is finished: If you're alive, it isn´t.


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You have a talent for painting beautiful wings! Love the choice of muted, earthy colors, too.
I can see the Brian Froud influence. I've had the privilege of meeting Brian several times now, and he's quite an amazing person. One of the kindest (and most talented) people I've ever met. Smile

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Wow. This is truly great. You are one of the few who can truly master watercolours. I love the feathery-light feel of this. Any other medium just would not have worked. FAVED IT! Smile

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Thats the first thing I thought when I saw this; Brian Froud. Im a fan of his art too, specially his works from Labyrinth. But wow, this work is so beautiful. So much detail! And her wings are just gorgeous. Wonderful work!


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Beautiful. You hand is full of win. You'd get along very well with Ashevans if you see her about. She does sculptures too, and paints ^^ You're both talented at both- I'm slightly jealose ^^

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Wow, it's beautiful! I love it.

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