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Tags: beast


Completed: Jun 21, 2005

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This beasty is a guardian of something hidden inside that cave. Do you dare try to fight him to get inside?

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Very cool ^^ I might try to get past him, but I don't think I'd make it XP

"...Then he used his fight money to buy two of every animal and put them on a boat and beat the crap out of them! And from that point forward any time a bunch of animals were together it's called a 'Zoo'!"

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What a great face that fella has. I like the spikey slithery body too. Whatever he's got in the cave can stay there though best to keep ones distance from fangs and claws. +fav. Great work.

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As much as i'd like to, my legs has blocked my access for "Run" command... Laughing

Really great (and alive) picture!

Two Thumbs Up up, way up!

Where I am bound, time is not measured in years. And the crimes I have committed are stronger than any cage...

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You have a very unique style in your artwork, which is very enticing. Your use of line is very expressive, and gives your work a lot of energy...

'Normal' is merely a polite term for boring.

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I would..hehe. But, I probably wouldn't stand a chance. Anyways, he looks great, good job on the coloring.

Love can be blind.

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No siree, not me. this pic is very cool. I love the earthy, autumny tones you have put into it. They really give your character life. He is pretty creepy. Maybe I will have one of my exes try to find out what is inside that cave. Yeah...

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