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Completed: Aug 14, 2007

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A friend of mine has been bugging me for a RoyXReesa picture since... I was born, it seems and so here it is. The concept evolved around the first rule that Roy plans to enact upon becoming Fuhrer. All women soldiers must wear miniskirts. So, I thought it would be nice of Reesa to grant Roy his little edict a bit early.

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Wow! Fantastic picture of Roy/Riza! Their expressions are so very eloquent.

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Laughing I see exactly why he wants that and it's SO kind of her to give him exactly what he wants...*evil grin* He must make sure to "reward" her for her "attention" to his needs. Love this, the shading is perfect (I see some things I'm going to have to try for), I like the textures on their clothes, and the poses are well drawn and very in character for them too.

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