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Galleries: Fantasy Finished Work Original Art


Completed: Jul 4, 2005

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The Ebony Phoenix

Occult farrago is my bf's character, from his story like Tyreal. He came out older than expected but then again he is a god sooo...I a photo of my bf to draw the position so its kinda like my bf has 'transformed' into his own character, abit strnge O.o..

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great pose & expression-

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wow... I love the look of the eyes, and the hand blows me away...

perfect... absolutely perfect!

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Hmmmm...*walks around the room* wow...he really DOES have that look that follows you around the room. What? Very nice work, though! It looks spiffy!

Pacman . . . . . . . . . . Blinky

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Very well done I like the detail that went into his accesories and his face as well. The backround setting looks great too.

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This is a great fantasy illustration! awesome work.


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Exquisite shading; and the hand looks marvelous! And he's got that look that follows you around the room... What?

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