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Completed: May 5, 2007

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Full title: Invisible and Forgivable [Stockholm Syndrome]. I submit this first because It's my featured artwork on my Sheezyart gallery [which is my main gallery]. It already got featured in two websites, and I love it dearly.

I want to jump off a bridge.
This took me lots of time; a week, I think, which is a lot of time for me to be working on a painting - and these are actually two paintings attached with Open Canvas. Doing the reflections was particularly hard, since I had no idea what should reflections look like. I hope they came out good.
These are two new OCs: Castor [upper one with darker hair and Chinese clothing] and Dreil [lower cyberpunkish one] Sanjaya. They’re Jiang Shis [better known as Hopping Corpses or Chinese Vampires], and also Siamese twins separated after birth [hence the scars]. This painting is actually very meaningful for me, since it kinda represents their personalities. Castor is very attached [emotionally, obviously] to Dreil and has a very hard time being apart from him • while Dreil tries to have a life of his own, not entirely apart from Castor, since he owes him his life [Castor saved him once], but not as close to Castor as Castor would like them to be.
This is it, for now, I guess.

Dreil © Kerrigore, Castor © myself. The title was taken from Messenger by Blonde Redhead, and Stockholm Syndrome by Muse.
[P.S.; I know Sanjaya is the lame Indian guy from American Idol, FUCK OFF.]

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This is amazing work, I love the colours & detail. The story of their characters is very intriguing too. Smile

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Still one of my favorites from you. *refuses to roast you* Nyah. :p

But Castor is still my favorites. Big Smile He's just prettier. *pets his hair* For some reason I just just noticed how cool the pattern on his clothing is. And also the way you did the folds on his sleeve. *nod*

Love the reflections too. Smile

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