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Galleries: InuYasha Macabre Work In Progress Young Adult Male (20-40)

Tags: inuyasha, naraku, tentacles


Completed: Jul 27, 2007

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This is another piece I did last year. My first ever man-chest drawing.  The torso isn't very fluid, but at that time I was just trying my best to be accurate. Lots of mistakes here.... I am really happy with the face though perhaps not the ear. It seems a bit off now that I look at it. Sad

This is the beginning of the end because Naraku has the complete jewel and he's about to use it for some ill purpose. He's gazing at the Inu-tachi tauntingly, laughing inside because he knows he has won. They are powerless to stop him. (At least, all this is my fondest wish!)

I <3 tentacles. Naraku is perfect with them.

Naraku (c) Rumiko Takahashi
Art (c) Me

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