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Yes, the scene where Ed transmutates himself to bring back Al.

As soon as I saw this scene during the last ep of FMA I knew I had to draw it. And I'm quite happy with the results, especially since I'd never tried a piece with lighting like this. Yay. I cried at this point in the ep.

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OMG! This is amazing, the effects and the emotions O_O It's so pretty, awesome job I envy your talent Heart

Closed account :[

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Yeah...I cried too.

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I really like this. The lighting from the circle on the floor and him are increadible.

Art is the Weapon

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I cried like a baby at this point, too. ; n; I love Ed too much.

I wanted to rule the world once, but I was distracted by something sparkly.

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This picture is so pretty! I really like his face. Especially his nose. It's a nice nose. Smile

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I love it too, you put so much detail into the picture!

*shifty eyes...HUGS!!!*

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HOW are there no comments for this piece? I love it! You really captured Ed's youthful intensity & resolve at this moment.

I cried too!


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