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Completed: Dec 27, 2006

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Agent Elrond

They came out of the south, a horde of wild fire dragons that swept over the sea with the summer winds. They drove a wave of burning fury before them, and left in their wake charred waste covered in ashes. No man nor wizard could quell their fire, and it swept over the land like a burning tide. But on the Island of Bandur they were stopped. Bandur, Earth's greatest child, who made the mountains tremble when he walked. He woke from his slumber and came down from the mountains, shaking the earth as he went. He raised his mighty head and blew forth a vicious wind, withering the fires and blowing the smoke away. The fire dragons were caught like leaves and chased away into the sky like sparrows in a storm. And none since have been seen or threatened our fair land, although the voice of Bandur still echos over the mountains on the wind.

Mountains tremble, the wind is still,
the woods begin to shake.
Wizards and fools, look your fill,
Bandur is awake.


For my first submission here on PaperDemon I give you: Bandur, god of dragons.

Do not piss him off.

Oil paints on 16"x20" canvas. Bandur and associated prose © myself, from my original fantasyland.

Yes, it has my deviantART watermark on it. >.< Please don't throw stones!


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The entirety of it is near-flawless (I only say near because there is no true flawless) and it reminds me, don't ask why, of Tiamat

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Nice earthdragon...pretty earthdragon... don't hurt me <_<;

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Wow! I really love this picture! I love the foliage/moss on the mountain dragon, and the fire dragon in the corner is very well done, especially the wing membrane. I really love the trees and the little fire dragons in the background. I'm a big dragon fan myself, and I'm glad to see another dragon fan. ^^

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I loved your dragon/mountain pix!! It's so nice to see one again! *is so happy you're here*

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Wow! That's plain awesome! XD I love how the mountain looks like a dragon. Sweet painting Grin A new fave Yes

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Awesome concept. The details are beautiful. I love the stone dragon with all the trees and foliage clinging to him.

I also like the wings of the little fire dragon in the forground. Very nice job giving them a sort of transparent feel along the edges of the little flappy membrane part.

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Beautiful! The details here are impressive as well as the dragons Wink

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