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Galleries: Dragon Ball Z Finished Work Male/Male - Shounen-Ai

Tags: dbz, dragonball z, dragon ball z


Completed: Jun 18, 2005

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Been a while since I uploaded here :3

Recent pic, it's of Goku and Vegeta's son from an RP I do with one of my good firends ^_^ He's called Mika, and he's found Veggie's boots >.>

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OMG- How did I miss this picture? His expression has just made my day- that is so damn adorable :3 *squeels excitedly*

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awwwwwww, he's just so cute!!!!!! & what makes him even cuter is how big Veggie's boots are on him! Smile keep up the great work! Thumbs Up

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That is SO cute!! *dies*

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Aw, what a cutie! I love his face and pose--very childlike and adorable.

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I TOTALLY luve the pic!! But, one question. How is it Yaoi?

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Awww...this is very cute! In a way, he kind of reminds me of Ed from Cowboy Bebop...just his silly pose and facial expression I guess. The coloring is awesome...I especially like his tail and his hair. Great job! Smile

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lol that's cute! ^.^ i really like your composition and color. Great work Veggie.


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Aw! I just wanna huggle him! He's so darn cute!!! Awesome job again, Veggie! *FAVS*

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This is great! I love your coloring technique. Little rascal, he looks so cute! Laughing

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