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Completed: Aug 29, 2007

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Shonon-ai... Japanese for "boy love."

A pic of my friend Kojika-chan's manga characters, Light (the cute blond) & Umishin (he's got the blue hair).

Zos Kias is the name of it & you can read it here:

Anyways this was supposed to be something that would freak out her freind, & I goofed. So now that I know exactly what she wants, I'll actually ahve art for under the red curtain. *laughs* So i guess this can be thought of as the "before" pic. *winks*



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I really enjoy how you do hair, but I think your work can use a little sharpening. It feels very blurry.

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aww..I think this turned out cute~! hee hee! they both look older here, which is actually a cool thing, considering the after, lmao! actually, Umishin is 19 already, but Light is just17...dun dun duuun! aaanywho...

thanks for redoing it! and for doing it in the first place~!

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