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Tags: inuyasha, snow, winter, kagome, inukag


Completed: Jul 2, 2007

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Once I was current with Bleach, I started watching Inuyasha again from episode 1 (until Big Brother 8 started, at least). We always return to our first loves, I suppose.

This image was inspired by the first movie. I've always loved the treatment of the scene between Inuyasha and Kagome in the snow and how soft the whole sequence was, and I wanted to play with that. Kagome is supposed to have some sort of necklace in her hands (I know it's a little hard to see since it's small), but really you could imagine anything you want.

Definitely a different coloring style for me, but definitely happy with it.

Graphite, Photoshop CS2.

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You captured the feel of that scene well. I always love when the two have their little moments of not having to play their roles. I want to watch it again so bad.

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Oh wow~! I love the movement in this, the way everything looks lifelike yet still has the fantasy-breeze look to the hair.

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I love the softness of this and their expressions. XD It's nice to see Kagome in something besides her school uniform. (And Inuyasha in a scarf.)

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