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Completed: Jul 9, 2006

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Once upon a time, Cyndi got a new set of brand new drawing pencils. But she had nothing to draw with them. So she found her friend's 8x10 school picture in her room, and started drawing that. Halfway through, her fantasy devotee side came out, and she just HAD to make her friend a princess. This involved changing a baggy T-shirt in to a tighter long-sleeved bodice, which is no easy task (#$%*& folds...), and changing her necklaces. Then, as a finishing touch, she made the background a lovely tapestry with a dragon rampant. Her friend was a princess... though looking back her eyes are a little off xD  Cyndi was insanely proud of herself. THE END!

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This is really great work,I love your shading and how you did her hair,just great.

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Hee, that's cute! ^__^ Very nice job on her hair. She looks very much like a princess.

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very nice Big Smile

~Martha Williams~

The Art of Martha Williams

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