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Completed: Jul 7, 2005

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Dang, this thing is old. A remnant of my anime days. Yet, I'm still proud of it, strangely enough. I set out to make it one of those pictures with a ton of detail in it, and detail's always made me happy. I guess that explains it. I want to make a background for it eventually, but after two years I still have no idea, so if you have any ideas, help me out! Just not a cloudy sky... boring much? xD Maybe I'll giv eher a personality and make her a character, instead of giving her a backgorund. Fair trade, no?

Black ink, Crayola pencils, and sparklies added in Paint Shop Pro.

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I thought it was a watercolor! lol

Very nice colors, shape and pose. I thing a magical forest background would look nice, but in the same colors and tones as her clothes. :3

I am horrid with I understand if my suggestion is poop. lol

CiiMoore Arts

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Oh, I love this. *gasp*

Your coloring and shading skills are exquisite! I'll love to see what you do with my little Crispin. And you are really pretty, btw. ^_^


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I think it would be cool to add a background that makes it so that she's throwing herself off a cliff. Not in a suicide way (cos obviously she can fly and save herself before she lands) but in a playful way. Like "Whee!! Flying is cool!" Anyways it's an awesome picture, really pretty.

"No way José-bot!"

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lol unfortunately the only thing that would work with composition is a cloudy sky lol its cuz of her pose anways its beautiful u had talent then as u do now Big Smile

~Martha Williams~

The Art of Martha Williams

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