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Galleries: Abstract Finished Work Gothic Original Art Teen Male (14-19)

Tags: kylan, emo


Completed: Apr 22, 2007

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Done for my Art IV class. Actually supposed to be done for the new artroom they were building. (Everyone was making hands and I do believe they would be lining the walls) Anyway, this is what I did. It took about 15 hours, and I totally missed the "deadline" but my teacher loved it. She new how sentimental I was about it, so she let me keep the original, and made some copies. This is one of the few pictures where I was too lazy to ink the lines (or just not stupid enough) and colored it all in, with colored pencils, on top of normal mechanical pencil lines.



Kylan, Ashrin, and the whole thing belongs to Angela Knapp

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This is really good. Smile

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Wow, I think this one's really cool, actually. Big Smile It, like, embodies your world and that you are the creator...having an earth of your own, which was made by your own hands...nifty love!


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I love the concept of that design. Making the background a white siloette was a neat Idea to seperate out the hand. IT works well ^^

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