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Tags: watercolor, cats, kitty, kitten


Completed: Jul 18, 2005

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Ok, i followed Karana Kaou advice on this one. Your such a good critic Karana Kaou! Mwah! Better like this?

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He looks like Munkustrap!!! That's awesome!!!

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-Veg Spicer

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Thanks Monk monk...and he's purring for you now! Smile

Dont take life too seriously, you're gonna die anyway... Wacko

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SOOOOO cute and fluffy! i luv your art!!!! Favorite

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Awww very cute! The eye coloring that karana suggested really makes a huge difference and gives the kitty more life and personality. I like his cute little face and I like the way you did the stripes on his fur...great job Lilimayhem Smile

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Aw, this is adorable! I really love the way you made it look like he's jumping off the page and into my lap ^_^
Soooooo adorable! The coloring's excellent, too. Favorite !!!

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Hehehe, thanks so much for the compliment! And this looks very cool...Good job! Corky Smile

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lol, dont worry, when my b/f used to work in florida (and i live in Québec) i used to hug my computer am crazy Wink

Dont take life too seriously, you're gonna die anyway... Wacko

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Aww cute I love!! Smile


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