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Galleries: Fantasy Finished Work General Original Art Portraits Realism Young Adult Male (20-40)

Tags: fantasy, man, suit, knife


Completed: Sep 28, 2007

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This is another character from my story. His name is Laithyl and he is MINE, all MINE. *ahem* Sorry for that little outburst, but... he is mine. You might call him the villain of the story, but I prefer to think of him as ethically challenged. He's an Aerine, people from a country called Aera in the world this all takes place in. Aera is very far north, and the people there evolved a little differently than the humans in the rest of the world. Laithyl is a commanding general for one the Aerine armies. I did this with pencil and charcoal (which I think I might be getting better at. Hopefully.)

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