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Completed: Oct 19, 2007

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This took about three months...Drawn on matboard with graphites. Smudged with my finger, because blending stumps have grown to hate me.

 And seriously-roast me. I'm still literally learning a LOT so you have no idea how much it would help!

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This is amazing! Really, honestly amazing! I'm nowhere near skilled enough to give anything even resembling criticism, so I'll just say that this is a fantastic, fantastic job, and leave it at that.

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Icon credit to Anisodus.

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Wow this is sooooo beautiful O_O the shading is amazing, it looks sooooo real, I envy you skills Heart This is just awesome ^^

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um.. the neck is a bit awkward... maybe put less of a slope inwards.. it looks kinda like an adams apple

also, the back towards the bottom should come out a bit more..

also.. the left side of the upper lip seems to start a bit too far down

otherwise its absolutley beautiful!!

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WOW! I thought the same thing at first, it looks like Emmy Rossum! Which, of course is a good thing, because she's gorgeous. Anywho...I really can't grill you on this picture, besides the neck thing (Which has been mentioned several times =-P) I would have to say it is one of the best portrait styles I have EVER seen. AMAZING job!!

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I think this is wonderful as it is! The neck does seem to curve a little too much, but I never would have noticed it if someone hadn't said something. You probably wouldn't have to do much to the neck itself, just make the point where it connects to the jaw closer to the chin, and let the curve go there.
When you add a background, be sure to get something that will lend itself to the composition. The face would seem to be in an awkward place on the paper, but the whole body leads the eye to it. Make sure that the background complements that! Good job, overall. ^^

PS- Is it just me, or does it kind of look like Emmy Rossum?

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This piece is beautiful. I think the curve of the neck projects grace and fluidity. I don't see any adam's apple there. I particularly like the hair: you have captured the free flow of human hair perfectly... there is nothing to roast in this artwork. It is perfect as it is. A big FAV for me.

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Amazing. It really is. I'm entirely incapable of giving any critique on this; it's just beautiful.

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Wow that's really well done I love how you did her hair Grin And the shading is excellent! Awesome job Yes I'll have to agree with MWP about the neck though it looks like she does have a bit of an Adam's apple. I'd say just erase a little bit of it and it 'll look just fine ^_^

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Be care ful with the female looks like she has an adam's apple......other then that it's beautiful Well done...can't wait to see more^__^

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