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Completed: Jul 23, 2005

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My character Mikail, except beefed up and more clearly realized. He is one tough hombre (to quote a friend), and so I wanted him to seem like it! I do believe this is some of the best shading I've ever done... hoo yah!

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Thank you so much! Bounce You always leave such nice comments!

I'm fond of his arm talons too, I wanted to give him some more dragon-like features (because of what he is in the story) and so those just seemed to work so well! But don't worry, he's a big pushover... I'm sure he wouldn't disembowel you or anything if you fought with him. Laughing

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Oh Sairsha, this is awesome! I completely agree that this is the best shading job you have done, let alone, probably one of your best characters. I love those little talons or whatever they are coming out of his arms. No, I don't think I would like to engage in a battle with him. Laughing Excellent work.

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Very well done, I love the texturing on the shoulders. A very original piece! +fav.

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He does look like a tough fellow at that. Your shading is good but what really stands out for me is the character design. I love it when I see a new original design, its like discovering gold. Very very well done Sarah!!!!

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Very cool..you did do a good job with the shading. I like his double braided beard thing too..good job! Smile

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