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Completed: Sep 13, 2007

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Kuro was born into a happy family and lived a great life till the age of three. That was when everything was taken away from him. His parents were murdered and he was taken in by an evil man he called 'The Red Demon'. He was beaten by the red demon day and night being told that he had great powers and was to use them. He never learned how to use these great powers until the age of 16 in which he use them to destroy the red demon. After that he became known as the dark emperor. His goal was to destroy this world and create a new one.

At most times Ken's expression is a sad one. Though he is never seen crying his eyes tell of great sorrow. However he dies have a hot temper. If his plains are spoiled or he happens to be in a bad mood and you talk to him... watch out! He might try to chop of your head. As for smiling? Nothing makes him happier then getting his own way. He loves picking on innocent souls and has a habit of smiling when doing so.

Its in colour now! Took me about 2 hours and Im happy with it. Though if anyone knows of a better way to do the wings please let me know. They were a pain in the ass. Really they were.

Edit: Lightened the background

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Incredible coloring and I love his wings! X) Poor guy Sad such a tragedy to his story.

Btw, thanks for commenting on my WoW mastercard picture! ;D

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Lovely character, I really love the soft sad look of his eye. The background frames the subject nicely without detracting from it. I would have gone with some darker values in places, especially in the hair and clothing to make the lighter values pop, but overall this is a very well done piece. Thanks for sharing it.

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Your colors are great, and I love the way you do the leather ^_^ The shine makes it so convincing. What made me stop and look twice was the way you show such emotion in such a straight body. His shoulders are squared, and his body language is so strong, but then his expression is so pained. Its a beautiful contrast and says a lot without words. Well done!

Happy Holidays From:


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bravo, great work with the pic Thumbs Up

i don't know any better way to do wings but the look fine as they are.

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And Solitude is my guide.

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Wow, this looks awesome. Smile Great work! I like his skin tone, very good choice of color. Smile




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