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Completed: Oct 25, 2007

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"Sleep was tugging at his mind, pulling him from the scary thing his happy world had turned into. Mama would be there when he awoke, and so would Papa. This was just a horrible nightmare that would end when he would wake in his room, nestled into the thick quilts on his comfy bed..."

I donno if I like my colouring job. I think I may retry sometime soon

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Aw, this is sweet...
The border is really nice, I like the symmetrical quality and the little blue stars that help pull out the pajamas.
The wings are nice, and contrast against the blue of the hair and clothes very well.
I REALLY like the hair, it flows quite well and the highlights give it a silky look. The grass has a similar texture, soft, flowing, and they way they sit against each other is very eye pleasing.

Very cute!

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