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Galleries: Finished Work Gothic Original Art


Completed: Oct 8, 2006

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Older piece featuring an orignal character of mine that I intend to use in a story I am working on. 

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you did great on the shading.
i like the theme too

| Rank: Gnome | Points: 14

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it's all about that hair!<3

| Rank: Goblin | Points: 47

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O, wow. Love his hair! I especially like the texture both of his hair and the coat. It actually looks like hair and worn leather... everything I paint in Photoshop just looks smooth.

O, mother! wherefore speak the name of death?
Cease they to love and move and breathe and speak
Who die?

Shelley, Prometheus Unbound, III.iii.108-10

| Rank: Scout | Points: 15

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nice work,I love the atmosphere,dark,cold and mysterious. also cool pose and his hair looks great.

| Rank: Challenger | Points: 394

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i love his pose, looks like he is jumping up on attention. LOL i have problems to express that properly in english, but anyway, i love it! cool haircut too! Smile

| Rank: Challenger | Points: 395

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Though I'm not a particular fan of that style of hair, it's awesome ^^

"One step closer and my sword shall find a new sheath."

Lael quote


| Rank: Minstrel | Points: 195

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You gotta love the hair. Smile Craftmanship is remarkable, the pose is great, and I love his expression as well. ^_^


| Rank: Minstrel | Points: 196

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