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Yes, guys, he is a Yu-Gi-Oh character. Too bad though. I wish he were mine. I changed a few things on him though to give him more of my own touch. I am not sure if I am particularly happt with the shading of the armor though. I colored that with colored pencils as I thought my markers would ruin it even worse. *sigh* I hope you guys can find at least something in it that you like. I think all in all he is very sexy. Wink Laughing In conclusion, this is a drawing that I have done for my dear BamboozledByAnime. He always gives me such wonderful drawings and I thought I would return the favor. I am so glad you like this Chris. Wink
I listen to alot of music while I draw. It helps me let loose and relax. I was just listening to my favorite radio station when I drew this. They mostly play top hits of today. Very relaxing guys. I recommend to all of you whp don't listen to music while you draw, to start. You will be surprised how much better you can do.

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Oh, this is gorgeous, hun. I just love the armor on him, he looks so huggable....teehee. I am just amazed on the coloring of his armor, you did a wonderful job, luv. I should try doing armor one day!!!

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Ok this one you should have put on FAC it would make people just say damn you're awesome artist.... it's good real good .. detail good color good concept great awesome...

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this is really good. I like the armor and stuff!!!

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What a dude he is, the helmet is cool as... well... me! but it's the cloak that's knocked me backwards into the radiator, scoulding me badly and leaving my back a black and charred mess (really should turn that damn radiator down a bit)... It's awesome! Great work!! +Favourite for this fella!

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Wao, he is very handsome. personally I think that the effects of shadow are great especially on the cape. Great job! Favorite

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This is great, I don't really watch Yu-Gi_Oh, so I don't have any basis for comparison, but He looks great to me. I'm sure your personal touches just added more flare to the character. Seriously you did a great job on this.

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Hey hey, talk about a knight in shinning armour! How you doin'? Hum hum, sorry Lady i was busy flirting my screen Wacko
Very good job on this one, you did one heck of a job, the colours are shiny and the drawing is just perfect!!!!! Love it! Hugs and kisses

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Bada bing bada boom! This is awesome, my love. It did turn out just as beautifully as ou had hoped. I'm so proud of you, and this looks so bloody good! I'm especially impressed by the detail in both the cloak folds as well as the helmet design. *drool* Such a nice piece, my dear. Favorite

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Lady, wow! This looks spectacular! You're improving so much, and so fast. He has such an allure to him...very sexy indeed. Wonderful job! Yes

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"Awesome pic Kristy", remember where i said that? well, it's true! Corky Smile


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