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Tags: horse, watercolor, animal


Completed: Sep 25, 2000

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This is a homework i had to do in my drawing classes at college. I did this with a black watercolor pencil. I love the way he stands!!! Smile

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Bloody hell, great anatomy on this fella! Whenever I try and draw a horse it ends up looking like a half dead, flee-bitten dog... which kinda makes your hero sat on it's back look a bit plebbish. Curses!

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Very nice! Theres a real feeling of movement in this and I very much like the pose you have the horse in. I don't know why but i've always found a rearing horse so very dynamic.

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This is lovely Lili. I love his pose as well. You can really feel his spirit in your drawing. Wonderful. ^_^

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I absolutly love horses and I think you did an great job on this I love how you gave it that smudged look awesome girl!! Smile


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Oooo, animal art! *whistles* This is very good; you've achieved that wild, unnatainable feel horses have. Kudos!

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Ooo!! That's awesome, Lili!! ^_^ You did a really great job!! I've got a lot of horse drawings, but none of them are even close to that good!! ^_^ Favorite

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I like the pose! Nice job Lilimayhem! Smile

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