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Completed: Nov 25, 2007

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Miranda Otto's portrait. Referenced from a pic found on the net. I didn't think she's pretty in LOTR actually, but when I came across the photo I was like..."OMG! She's so beautiful!!!" Then..."Blond doesn't suit her." lol. Niwae, this is actually still WIP, since the paper is 16.5 x 23.4in, I still need to fill up the bg n what not, but for her face, it's pretty much completed.

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She came out really pretty! The only thing that looks a tad off is her neck. It looks a bit too wide & short. Other than that, it's perfection and way better than I could do!

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Another awesome LotR portrait! ^.^

Personally, I think it was refreshing that she wasn't drop-dead gorgeous in the movies, seeing as Arwen basically stole the show. Besides, I don't think she was really played out to be beautiful in the books, otherwise how could she pass for a dude so easily?

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OMG, I agree with you. I didn't think she looked all that pretty in LoTR, but you made her look sooo beautiful here! (Red hair definitely suits her.) Your portrait not only looks like Miranda, it looks like Miranda at her loveliest! And what a great Mona Lisa smile on her face. Good job!! Favorite

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wow! this is so good. eowyn was one of my favorite characters in the movie, and mirando otto is a very good actress. did you see her in "Danny Dechair"?

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