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Completed: Jul 31, 2005

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This is a picture of Sesshomaru from Inuyasha! I drew this for Lady Anime to cheer her up a couple weeks ago, but it took me a little longer than I expected. Anyway, here it is! This was drawn with pencil and colored with colored pencil. The background is a picture of the sun though a blue filter that I found on NASA's website.

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Wow, this looks completely digital! Exemplary job!!!

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Very nice! Such beautiful eyes...Oh My!! Smile

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It turned out just wonderful!

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I love how this came out!! It's awesome!!

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OMG! this is so awesome i luv it i think you are such a great artist
i absolutly positivly luv it keep up the good work *hugs*

Hazardous to your health!!!!!!

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I Heart how you did this. I wouldn't suspect it's pencil if you wouldn't have mentioned it, the colors look very smooth and very clean, unlike in some of my works, and I love how you did his eyes. It's an interesting choice of background, I mean the moon on his forehead and the sun it just fits. I'd even say it looks like a halo! Well done^_^ I gotta add this to favs! Oh, why isn't Sess real? lol.

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wow! this is really great! I can't believe you did this with colored pencil. I have tons and never uyse them.. maybe I should tho, lol!

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I have to say this is wonderful!! I love it so much I have to add this to my favs! Favorite Smile Great job!!!! Laughing


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Man oh man. Sesshy ain't never looked so good in color ^_^ I love the background that you have for this as well, it's bright, and it matches Sesshy's colors so well. Excelent job. Me new fav.

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ooo!! What a luvly job, bunny!! This looks SO great!! Lady seems to have loved it too!! ^_^ *claps* wonderful job!

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