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Completed: Apr 7, 2007

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I referenced some stock, Princess pack by =lockstock  on deviantart for the girl (Changed her up a bit of course) as well as some medieval artwork. Specifically "Unicorn at the fountain" and others in that series for the foliage and to get that medieval look.
I didnt do the massive bushery like those old paintings, I just referenced the types and styles of grasses and stuff.

As you can see I used almost all warm colours except the area where the unicorns horn touches the water.
Also I used a cool grey on the dress, just to make it stand out a bit and to make a bit of a link between the purified water and the pure medieval maiden.


Watercolours on Watercolour paper, with some Acrylic

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This came out well. I like the use of warm colors, pinks and oranges. I think if you had put in all the bushes, it may have detracted from the unicorn. This way, it doesn't get too cluttered.

Good job!

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