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This took me forever and a half to finish. X.x

Started it back in July, left it to collect dust for a few months, got back to it once in a while, then left it alone again since the beginning of September, only to finish it in 4 days last week. XD I did that background in only a few days. Considering how unoften I paint backgrounds, I'm insanely proud of it. Grin

From left to right: Stegnesis, Tallon, Arroe (on Tallon's head), Dokay, and Menyngas.

Currently being used as my desktop. Use it if you wish. Corky Smile

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I love this,great background and some very cute characters.

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I like the way you've done the background - it's really great so you may be proud of it. The characters are also great.

However when look not at the details but at the pic all together the characters look very artificial though the background seems very natural. And one more - it seems that the unicorn hangs over the ground but not stands on it.

Nevetherless I like the work you've done. Wink

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