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This picture is dedicated to a very nice friend of me here and on another side. Her name is Lynnsilverfist^^ Who actually makes herself the trouble to critic my pics for me in a way that actually helps me.
I often ask for critic. I know what I do people. I cant get better if someone gives me no feedback, you know.

Lynn did volunteering and she helps me very much with her honesty, as it is good to see in this picture. ^^
To Lynn chan;
Here you have the point why I needed badly someone who kicks my sorry ass sometimes so I do actually Do my work ^___^
Thank you dear, your critic on my Ecthelion helped much.
I went to my teacher , who sometimes helps me in the last weeks allot. He helped me here too, gave me ides and such.
You told me I could have made him more manly...wasn´t it that? Well, I hope I got it more right this time, snickers.  Yesterday night I had an art rush...duno were it came from but He came out of it.
I hope you will like him^_^
Yep, he is yours, for helping me.
A very thankful Sury^^
To the picture;
I often wondered what Tuor must have seen when he saw the captain of the last Gate to Gondolin in all of his splendor. When he came to Gondolin with his guide.

Ecthelion was described from Tolkien to wear an armor that was bright and shining in silver and that it shone from all the diamonds on it. He must have given quite a sight!

I held more to another type of armory this time, one that is much easier to wear as a full body armor. Somehow it fits with him I believe.

Tolkien´s works do not belong to me, this is fanart.
This pic, however, belongs to me!

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oh, das ist "nur" ein WIP? dann bin ich aber mal gespannt, wie das fertige bild aussieht! oh mann, habe das gerade mit deiner tochter gelesen, das tut mir leid. ist es eine vorübergehende krankheit?

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Incredible detail.
I love the armour.
Great work.

"‡«»º][Dersonally Chosenº«»‡"

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wow this is so good! i like the detail you put into the armor, and the cool trees in the background. Smile

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