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Completed: Jan 7, 2008

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This is the black and white version of hello and I personally prefer this version over the colour one.

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This is lovely. You've done a great job of emphasizing the eyes and lips through contrast. The combination of texture is quite fun here as well. Keep it up!

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very nice...although now im torn! the colour one or the black and white one! There both so beautiful!

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hmm. Very simple, black and white.
I'm sold. Black and white always makes a person have to imagine the colors. I love that. And I love this picture. Quite beautiful Smile

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[I'm in agreement with you here - the black and white is just stunning. Probably doesn't help much that I'm a total sucker for black/white pieces. ^^; But for me, the lack of color and the shading and stark contrasts really make this one just pop out.]

[ Favorite Please keep it up!]

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