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i had a thought... what if sesshoumaru was human? well.. here it is! Sesshoumaru, human! mwhahaha. lool.

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woah this is really good!!!

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WOW!!!!!!!!! Sesshomaru!!! WOOT!!! he's hot! lol.

Anyway, I love this!!!

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oh he's still lovely! great job!

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Oh and still so sexy. Very interesting idea you had there to make him in a human form. He looks beautiful. Great job. I really love your drawings. As long as you keep making some of Sesshy, I will be a very happy girl.

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Very cool..he looks hot as a demon and as a Human!! great job!! Smile


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AT first I had thought this was Naraku's hot self. Then I looked again and saw Sesshoumaru's even hotter self!! I love this drawing!! Wonderful!

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Smile Love the idea and he looks very hot. His left eye looks a bit off to me though, but I know symmetrical drawings are the hardest to get just right.

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That is really cool! Great idea! Smile

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