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Completed: Oct 15, 2004

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This is another project I did for the same art class. We could paint anything we wanted given we follow a set of guidelines. The rules were: black and white paint only, must contain at least 6 pretsels, 3 targets same size, 1 checkerd pattern, at least 4 organic shapes same size. This is what I came up with. Let me say, after finishing this at 3 AM the morning it was due, I developed a deep loathing hatred for the checkered board pattern. I know I made a mistake with the perspective on it Doh , but lets all just pretend I did it on purpose for that drug induced altered twisted dimentional effect, OK? Yes OK. Made with pencil, lots and lots of tape, a ruler, even more tape, and acrylic paint on a 15in X 20in illustration board.

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You have pulled this out of the bizarre twisted realm of my mind. Get out of my head!

Very cool though. I definitely like the weird amoeba shapes in the "sky."

James Pack

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That's...freakin' awesome. I like the contrasting angles. The bottom is stated and formal, standout-ish against the targets, and the background is disoriented and skewed. Nice.

I guess, for a critique, I'd have to say that I would have liked a little more definition in the blur between the two. Of course, it can't just be checkered board, then sky, but maybe a bit more detail would improve this already-great work.

Incredible. Kudos.


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Geez, you painted this? O.O! I can really see how it would drive you bonkers. But still, it's very spiffy work. I like the trippy effect to it, whether intentional or not. Thumbs Up

Pacman . . . . . . . . . . Blinky

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I love how you did it! I'm so impressed!

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Ooo very cool. I love how this looks, I just want to stare at it for hours. Great job.

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Wow! Once again, you've shown your mastery of layout and design! The things I see in my head don't look half this cool even when they're still in my head, lol ^_^
Either way, your hard work on this shows: it's engaging and well-put together. You should pat yourself on the back!!! Bounce

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Oh mi god.... you painted that? Ouch! But, it looks absoulutly wonderful!! I love the effect you have on the side, even if it as unintentional. ^_^

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Hm, this is an insane project to have done >_< I'm glad I didn't have art teachers that harsh lol. The checkered pattern looks fine to me, it can be hard to do vanishing points sometimes, especially when they are checkered like that O.o. Luckily you have the 3 targets in the middle, which automatically drive your eye toward them, so the eye doesn't wander elsewheres lol. And the organic shapes you have upon the wall, remind me of metallic cookie cutters Corky Smile . Lol, excellent job for one who finished at 3 in the morning XD.

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*knocks head into computer desk* Oooo, I can see how this pattern would drive you bonkers. I bet you saw it for a long time after you closed your eyes, didn't you? Laughing This is very neat, and I especially like the targets in the middle; they feel very dreamy and fantasy like. Very cool!

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that looks like it was REALLY painful to paint. Doh But it's cool!


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