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Completed: Aug 3, 2005

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This is my first artwork posted on here. I hope that it's good enough.


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What a unique style you have! Very cool...And don't ever be afraid to post your artwork here; none of us pretend to be the sultans of the trade, and we're all here to learn. That said, welcome aboard and I hope you have a wonderful time!

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Welcome to Paper Demon Tamm. This picture is divine. It looks so retro glam. Are you gonna color it at all? I think that would make it really memorable to people. Please keep the pics rolling in. You are off to a great start hun.

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Very cool! This looks like something that would be on an advertisment for a fashion magizine or something. I like the hat and how you can't see the eyes. I think this would look even better if it had darker lines, or if you colored it. Welcome to BogusRed! Smile

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