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Completed: Jul 5, 0008

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i know, iknow..... Darth Vader has nothing to do with anime, but i coulnt help but put him on here! i luv him so much!!! anyway, it took me a long time to finish.... i got ink all over me.....Hahaha!

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O.O! Wow...that is really good! I think you did a awesome job O.O!

"There are some who are born great ,some who achieve greatness and some get it as a graduation gift."

- Robin Williams ( hehe I love that guy )

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Very nicely done!

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~~Its what I live by.

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Hey maybe we should create a Star Wars fanart gallery. I think there might be enough Star Wars artwork to make one. *goes and checks*


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Oh you don't have to worry about putting non anime up its totally alright. I love star wars and this is very good Favorite


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thanks dragon!!!! Wacko -Monk-Monk

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This is exactly what I did when I first saw him: Uha uha uha, shweet! He's awsome Monk
:vegeta: -Dragon

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