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Completed: Aug 17, 2007

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When I was little, I lived in the country. Until the age of eight, I lived with my parents and four older sisters, so time alone with Mom was scarce.

I can still remember that when I had those chances to sit alone with Mom at night, I would draw butterflies for her.  I also remember using purple and black on a lot of them... it's odd the things one remembers, huh?


Most of the ones I used in this drawing are actual types of butterflies. The one on her head and the one behind her head are my own design.

Now, she isn't technically me, but I did use my own face for reference in a couple spots...she has my nose, upper lip, chin, and cheeks. The hair's not mine, though...I don't really know why I put a kimono on her, but it's just what came to mind when I decided that I wasn't drawing her naked.


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I love the look on her face and the smooth tones of the whole drawing. the hair is really nicely done! I like the way if falls on her shoulders.

.....she's an artist, a painter actually; see that "smile" on her face? well it's her most famous piece.

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Wow, I cant believe all the emotion I see in this drawing. Nostalgic is a very good title....melancholy too. This is a great drawing. I love the sad yet peacefull face, the hair...JUST PERFECT. The fact that everything is grey except the butterfly and flowers is a great unique touch. It adds a lot to the sadness lingering everywhere.
I love this!

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i like the use of colour, good job on the perspective, it's a tough angle Smile

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