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Completed: Jul 5, 0008

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A picture of this guy named Garra that I drew. It took me 3 hours! Then again I was watching T.V. while I drew it. But still, that's the longest I've ever drew on one pic. Man my hand cramped up!!! LOL!

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nice sketch ^^

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This pic is great and i love Gaara! good job!

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RAWR! What is it with Naruto? I see Naruto pics all over the place Laughing I wish C.Network would hurry up and air it so I can see it >_< Anyways, this is quite good, I can see why it took 3 hours, even with the tv, had alot of shading to do..have to keep the same shade goin' for alot of it lol. Your poor hand lol. Thumbs Up

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Kick ass dude!!!! Thumbs Up

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He's got a cool expression, and nice facial tattoo... or has he been branded? MooooOOoo!

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three hours? That's nothing. Try 100 hours and THEN you can tell me your hand is cramped. lol
anyway, nice drawing.


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