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I really like how this turned out. ^^ And look, a decent background! I love my cheap leaves. xD [And Lorne's wet wanna-be loincloth. :3] Also, I am a water naga, thus the fin on the tail.

The tree my tail's wrapped around actually has a stronger branch to hang off of than that skimpy thing off to the side. >> I think I like the waterfall too. If you look closely, you might be able to see the cave behind it. x3 This is in the royal gardens of the Earth Kingdom.

Since we're real people, there is no copyrighting! Just don't...like...steal us. oO I'm the naga and the elf is my fiancee, Lorne. This was made as our 2nd anniversary pic.

Title is pronounced: ah-he ah-ro-na oh. [Means 'I love you.' No, I couldn't think of a better title.]
Aroane translates to English letters funny. .-.

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