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Tags: music, butterflies, sidhe, serena, supernatural


Completed: May 23, 2007

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OK, I am so unbelievably proud of this it's untrue. It might not look like much here but that's because it got a criminal amount of scanner burn.
This is Serena Belmont, a Sidhe singer on considerable renown in supernatural society, and she occasionally performs in the Talisman Bar which is part of Club Tir Nan Og. This is a poster for her Butterflies tour, and it's supposed to look as though her wings - which she doesn't need to fly and are pure glamour - are dissolving into butterflies around her.
It took ages, in an 'Oh, god, my hand is going to drop off and how long have I been drawing BUTTERFLIES?!' sense. But looking at the original, it's worth it. Yeah.

Oh, if you need an indication of her music, there's a song by Sia called Butterflies that was heavily, heavily on my mind while I was painting this.

This is a candidate for the front cover of Nightlife chapter 1 - Butterflies.

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