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Tags: elf, boy, bishonen, sad, faeren, soul, hood, forsaken, lost


Completed: Aug 26, 2007

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"The forest grows its flower and gives him a warm hug. The fairies are whispering with their melodious voices, asking him to play. But none of those things can comfort Faeren, a soul who's bound forever with the forest. All the love he gets only lead him to the eternal loneliness..."

This is an entry for Saimain's contest. Faeren and the forest of illusion are her creation. Read more about the story on her page. You can join the contest too coz the deadline is still 1 month ahead. Or, if you don't want to, you can always support my entry... Big Smile There will be voting by viewers to win an addition special secret prize, hehehe ^^

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Oh, I THOUGHT he seemed familiar!
Lovely take on him - and very rich detail on his surroundings.

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Wow. This is really beautiful! Smile I like the colours alot, and I think you've really gotten the feeling of loneliness across rather well. Smile


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I like the variety of foliage in this. The lighting from the fairies came out good too.


Your satisfaction is important to me. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you or provide for you on PaperDemon. Admin -

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