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Galleries: Dragon Ball Z Finished Work General Young Adult Male (20-40)

Tags: trunks, dragonballz, fanart, contest


Completed: Jun 3, 2008

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Figured this was mild enough for PD so here it is Yes As you can see it's Trunks! XD It's for a contest on DA in one of the clubs I'm in. Jeez seems like I've been entering lots of contests lately...I need to stop that XP Anyway enjoy Trunks in all his hawt glory!

I used a ref but I can't find it at the moment Sweat Drop

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I'm amazingly sorry I missed this. This is...*cough* This is very good. Yes Yes, it's very good. Drooling Lol

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Very nice. Very nice, indeed. I like your style. He looks very sexy, very, XD. Great job on the coloring!

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Wowza! Hot Smile

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Go trunks go. Lol

He looks fantastic.

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There's never enough of Trunks with out his shirt....pants...heh... Drooling

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And thank you for not drawing him in the DBZ style! :goku:

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